Under arbeid

Jeg har en rekke artikler og andre publikasjoner under arbeid.

Under arbeid:
  1. Ekelund, B.Z.: “I and the Other” - book on how to meet Others across all type of diversities.
  2. Ekelund, B. Z. & Sagiv, L. (and some PhD students from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel). Diversity Icebreaker as a trust booster in the Middle East, experimental trials with students and inside conflict resolution organizations and their processes.
  3. Fred Steier & Ekelund, B.Z.: Second-order cybernetics: understanding of science-practitioner model in the Diversity Icebreaker seminars.
  4. Mira Slavova, Kirstin Krauss & Bjørn Z. Ekelund. Worldview collisions, western management models interacting in African context. Under reviewings
Blir publisert høsten 2016
  • Kaiser, S., Martinussen, M., Patras. J., & Ekelund, B. Z.: Factorial Validity of the Norwegian Short Version of the Team Climate Inventory (TCI). Submitted to the Scandinavian Journal of Organizational Psychology (under review)

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